cup 01Openly admitting utter defeat is not easy for me, but alas…….. DEFEAT! While it is a defeat, it’s not necessarily a devastating one. There are ways to recover and I believe that I’ve found one. Like Arnold… I may “Be Back”, but I’m loosing hope for a complete replacement of the lost “Original” items. What began as an innocent, and completely accidental, chain of events became something of a phenomenon that actually reached all the way around the world!

Only in looking back can I see the uniqueness of what happened. Knowing now what I know, I certainly would have been MUCH more careful. After having lost the major component in this story, it became painfully obvious that a wonderful tradition had literally come crashing to the ground. And lie in pieces there! I heard it as it began to happen, but could not move quick enough to prevent it!

On to the Story.

cup 15Over six years ago, we were deep in construction on what would become our Cross Timbers Cabins resort. During that time, we also bought a nice little three bedroom house next door that became our home for a time, then Cross Timbers Cabin 5. The purchase of the home included probably 3 semi truck loads of stuff. And I mean STUFF! Among the stuff, were boxes and boxes of coffee cups. Not nice cups, just random cups. Homely cups, cups with no appeal whatsoever! Cups that you wouldn’t invite on a double date! These cups had one and only one redeeming quality. They were easily replaced. (so I thought) You could break a half a dozen of them and never miss any of them! It was from this “Hoard of Cups” that I chose my summer “Work Cup”. I knew that there was probably about a 70% probability of loosing this cup as a casualty somewhere along the way, but just like Grant’s defeat of Lee, there were more reserves in the ranks just waiting for orders to step into battle!

cup 16One day, I happened to notice that many of the pictures I had taken of the construction process included my humble cup! There it would be, photo-bombing the picture trying to gain some notoriety for itself. I believe it was actually noticed first by one of the regular viewers of our project. After many weeks of wise cracking coffee jokes, all at once I began to receive hostile threats if the cup was not present in the update pictures. My cup had become the subject of some kind of bizarre sort of “Where’s Waldo” game. I, and my project, had been completely and utterly upstaged by my witless coffee cup! Soon, I was receiving comments from people in other countries, on other continents, asking about where my cup was. Guests would arrive at the cabins and want their picture taken with “The Cup”! (I am not lying) My cup had become the ultimate celebrity mascot of our cabins! How pathetic is that! So, as I traveled about the cabins and beyond, my cup became more and more famous and I became more and more it’s sidekick!

cup 14On the last day of life for my cup, it was faithfully dispensing it’s duties and dark elixir near the pool at The Fisherman’s Hide-Out. I was on a ladder, the cup was on a work table. As I wrestled a very unruly nail gun and air hose, I heard the rasping sound of the hose dragging across the table and the tumbling sound of the cup as it rolled and bounced it’s way to the edge of the table. The panic on my face was devastating as I quickly turned just in time to see the cup tumble to the concrete pool deck and shatter. I captured one final image of the cup as it lay there motionless and in pieces on the ground.

Over five years now, I have been searching for an exact replacement for my traveling coffee cup. I’ve given up. I’ve tried to find suitable replacements to no avail. I’ve decided that there was only one cup of it’s type ever produced on the entire planet. I suppose that’s the beauty and curse of being so randomly different. You don’t have to worry about breaking and losing part of a set, but you can’t ever replace either it if you decide you really want to!

Base Camp mugObviously, I will apparently never replace my original “Traveling Coffee Cup“. So I have conceded defeat and I’m now in the process of introducing a new “Official Traveling Coffee Cup…2.0” This new one will be VERY HAPPY to accompany you on your travels and journeys and upstage you at EVERY opportunity. When it does…….and It Will…… please feel free to send me a pic, by facebook, by messenger, email, Pinterest or text. I will make sure that your “official” cup will make it into our archives for all to see! You can order your Travelling Coffee cup 2.0 from our Base Camp Gift shop beginning some time in March 2018.